Today it is impossible to imagine a learning process, a new product presentation, bright advertising, corporate planning meetings or reports without the use of quality video. Sometimes you need to translate video from a foreign language into Russian, and sometimes the native video material is needed for foreign partners in a foreign language.


The quality translation is feasible only by professionals of Solt Group Company. You provide videos or films of various sizes and as a result get the job done on time.


In our team there are professional translators, editing directors and dubbing actors ready to translate and adapt the material by means of voiceover translation, full dubbing or subtitling.




The main task of any video is to attract attention and to make a presentation effectively. Postscoring of materials requires a professional approach and high-precision equipment that allows to make a quality product at every step.


When you need to make the translation from Russian into a foreign language or vice versa, then it is better to entrust the work to skilled translators of Solt Group. Our staff has professional editors and proofreaders, the work with multimedia material is entrusted to experienced sound engineers, editors and dubbing actors.


You can be sure of the quality of our projects. On the translation market we confirm the perfection of our services for many years.




Among our customers subtitling are in great demand, as this is the fastest and most convenient way to translate a video. Solt Group team approaches the implementation of subtitling with full responsibility, because in the preparation of presentations and video material for learning process it is impermissible to make semantic or terminological inaccuracies, not to mention the grammatical errors. These faults are very common among dilettants, but noway among Solt Group. You can not worry about the quality of work. The results of maximum quality we achieve by taking into account all the complexities and specificities of subtitling.

MULTIMEDIA LOCALIZATION(into) Russian(into) foreign language
decoding of audio tracks of video and audio records90-180 rub./ minute *120-210 rub./minute*
translation of video and audio materials320 rub./ page350 rub./page
dubbing of video and audio productsby agreement