We offer amazing multilingual transcription services of sound and video in more than 78 languages for organizations around the globe. This varies from promoting material to documentaries and eLearning projects. Our transcribers can transcribe precisely what they hear into a coded-time format, or they can translate into different languages for a final purpose of editing subtitles and voice-overs into the closing stages item.

Our skills

Our multilingual transcription services offer a lot of business requests including:
• Radio plugs
• Webinars
• Broadcast
• Conferences
• General telecoms and robotized administrations
• Online courses
• Corporate features
• Films and movement

Our Experts
We employ translators situated in the objective nation of translation to guarantee a completely localized final change. Our linguists are assigned to assignments in light of the business part and master learning needed. All undertakings are taken care of strict private techniques.
Files we work with
• AV1
• MP3
• CD
Almost every document you can send us via email. For very big files we can organize a delivery service next days.
Get in touch
To learn how our multilingual transcription services can advantage your business just email or give us a call.