Have you ever wondered what is translation agency, what the fundamental principles of its work, what its responsibilities and what its difference from a number of companies offering such services? Most of the answers would be no. However, the essence of “translation agency” is easily to explain. This community is made up of specialists with higher philological education. These are dedicated people, ready to take on any subject and to give maximum attention to the orders. Their experience is confirmed by the high speed of tasks performance, regardless of their complexity. Everything you ask – audio translation, assistance in negotiation process, translation of text, documents or web-pages – will be translated correctly and taking into account all the wishes of customers.

By default, each translation agency apart from the staff has qualified people working remotely. They may be located in different parts of the world and have an additional specialized education. Such a structure affords the services catalog of translation agency to contain translation even from the most rare and less common languages, and technical translations be free of inexactitudes regarding the terminological completeness. Professional subjects cover texts of different fields – law, medicine, official papers. In particular, interpreters working in these areas cover business documents, patents, certificates, contracts, statutes, etc.

The number of languages that are being translated in the translation agency varies within fifty-hundred. From the German languages English and German are in requisition, from the Romance – French, from the Semitic – Hebrew; nowadays Arabic (Semitic-Hamitic languages) and Chinese (Thai-Chinese language group) are also very popular.

Among the clients of translation agencies there are firms seeking to foreign markets, people who need language support during business trips, travels; and students participating in various exchange programs.