Translation Company SOLT Group is developing translation company. We offer interpretations and translating services to customers all around the world. We highly esteem the quality of our work, as well as our astounding client care. Our methodology represents for our customers all services in a higher level. We promise quick turnaround times without trading off on quality. The number of our customers is persistently developing; this does not affect the individualized services that we propose to every one of our clientele.

Our special approach to work has helped us to become one of the best translation company in Europe. This implies that we work with the most competent translators and interpreters who have direct involvement in their given fields. Our expert language specialists are local speakers; degree qualified and enlisted with authority bodies like the ITI or the Chartered Institute of linguists. Thanks to all this factors, we ensure that each material, sentence and word that we translated is fully localized and have an original meaning.

This standard of work is conceivable through our broad system with a lot of professional interpreters & translators who are good at more than 78 languages. We are one of the leading offices offering translation services, so we can permit ourselves to work just with the most skilled and experienced interpreters and language specialists who comprehend and share our main qualities like Professionalism, Correctness and Dependability. We can suggest you a specific dialect divisions for various business interpretation and translating in more than 78 languages. As we are one of the quickest developing translation company in Europe, we are glad to say that several biggest and most conspicuous brands on the planet have believed our talent, to go along with them today!

Here at Translation Company SOLT Group we know that if do wrong, a translation can be nerve-racking, time wasting and expensive.

This is the reason why our qualified crew of devoted administrators and professional linguists do their best to convey the most precise and dependable translation in more than 78 languages.


Words localization for globalizing world is our slogan. Here at Translation Company SOLT Group our central goal is straightforward, we go about as the aide between our customers and their businesses, breaking limits and pushing for seeing regardless of the language. We bolster the universal business cycle on all levels – from lawful documentation to marketing and website translation and localization. We perceive that our customers are busy individuals who regularly require a translation as a feature of a greater goal. This is the place we come in, and where our group of professionals execute the best arrangement, guaranteeing that you are met with the best conceivable result.

Our adaptable methodology empowers us to shape our services around all individual wishes. We adjust our level of power as indicated by your needs, making our answers ideal for all financial plans and project sizes! With our services, you will be supported with dependable quality, exactness and competence.

Awesome client administration is a fundamental piece of our ethos. It’s about you! What do you require? In what manner can our language arrangements enhance your business incomes? In what capacity would we be able to help you? In what manner would we be able to go the additional mile? What would we be able to do to guarantee that you meet your targets? We consider the master plan and utilize our years of experience to give an administration that will without a doubt surpass your desires.

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Paroles – metal shingles and other roofing materials (Alina Makhmutovna)
I had to work with many companies that provide translation services. But their performance dissatisfied us: at one moment they missed a deadline, at the next moment they gave a low-quality result with mistakes. It is simply unacceptable in the legal activity, and as a result, texts were fine-tuned constantly.Recently we appealed to the «Solt Group» Translation Agency. We ordered a translation of the agreement between the enterprise and the German holding company. The first thing that surprised us is the speed of order processing. Nuances of legal language were taken into account, it was almost impossible to attain it from the others. Based on our practice, to find such a trustworthy partner means to gain the key to the prosperity of your business. I recommend you
AB Dekor – wallpaper salon (Vivien Soli).
“Klinika Optima” JSP
We seek the qualified services in «Solt Group» Agency (specializing in translations). The negotiations were scheduled with foreign companions from UK, London regarding the exchange of personnel in the field of psychology. The organization had provided the experienced simultaneous interpreter, who had been carrying out the translation parallel with the speakers, allowing to optimize the workflow and to achieve mutual understanding with foreign colleagues. Our clinic managers are completely satisfied with the quality of the provided services
“Letter B” Company (Anna Romanovich)
“Alekseyevskiy” JSC
We appealed to the «Solt Group» to translate agreements and business letters. We were pleased with the result and the process of our cooperation. We are satisfied, as the company performed the work with full responsibility. All the nuances that we had specified in advance was fulfilled in proper way
Zeliony flamingo – Tour Agency (Dorino Franisko).
“Parusa” LLC
«Solt Group» translated the technical documents of our company. This subject requires more attention, and the Translation Agency did a great job. We use the services of the «Solt Group» company not for the first time and always get work performed in compliance with specifications we require. We will continue to cooperate
Douglas – cosmetics and perfumery (Laina Crishtin).
“Shag” PE
We ordered the translation of audio books about art. As judged by the work of «Solt Group» Company translators, they have impressive experience and qualification in this subject. They did the job on a higher level. The translation is very understandable and comprehensible. Thank you for your efficiency and speed of the job. We are also pleased with the pricing policy of Translation Agency
NEW-OPTICA – optical salon (Emma Borkova)
“Vodoray” PE
We specialize in the manufacture and sale of water purification equipment. Our company has long been planned to enter the market of international caliber. Potential foreign partners, in addition to the documentation, were interested in video information collating. If there were not difficulties with filming material, a competent translation and successful voice recording was constantly delayed. It was decided to apply to the «Solt Group» Translation Agency for services. Both the director of the company and foreign customers (now they are long-term partners) were satisfied with the quality of sound of our video sequence. Now we are making a number of videos, and since we are not going to stop half-way, we plan to continue to cooperate with «Solt Group» for a long time
MEGA-GLASS – warehouse of gifts and interior design items. (Elizabeth Venice)
“Zorya” PE
I went to the «Solt Group» for the first time. I needed to legalize the diploma of my child to study abroad. I received the legalized document in the promised time
Bezopasnost’ zhizni – Insurance Company (Roni Kikenovich)
“Arto” PE
Often it is necessary to appeal for interpreter services of «Solt Group», and as we work through the embassy – notary certification of documents’ translations is obligatory. We would like to express our gratitude to «Solt Group» Translation Agency for the high-quality services and support, in spite of the volume of orders
Briliant – the Small Business Company (Leonid Gavrilych).
LLC "Alternative"
We worked with «Solt Group» Translation Agency in late July. Our company organized a conference with the participation of foreign partners from the UK, Germany, Austria. In order to carry the event smoothly, we needed an interpreter-professional. The qualified specialist of «Solt Group» worked during all four hours of the official part of the conference on a higher level. At the beginning of the year we plan to hold a briefing with our European colleagues to exchange experiences. We are going to appeal for services to our constant partners by now again
Consulta Marta Zawieracz Doradca (Beni Tsipinge)
Self-employed individual
I needed a translation of my video presentation for meetings with foreign partners. There were problems with it, because not every company renders such services, especially urgently ones. I had addressed to the «Solt Group» firm – the video was translated in a short time, and my presentation was successful