Our team of dubbing and voice-over specialists work with different languages. We have great experience in the field of multimedia and meet various specific customers’ necessities. We have men and women performers who record in their primary language or in English with an accent.
Our proficiency
We deliver great recordings in English or remote dialects for various purposes:
• Online courses
• Radio advertisements
• Webinars
• Games
• Corporate video
• Animation and films
• Conferences

  • Broadcast

Our method 
With studios and project supervisors who specialize in diverse languages, our studio administration group guarantees that our performers and editors prepare your project according to your needs, also you will save studio time and money by getting it done by the first time. We create and send fast «preview» examples to show you that we handle potential issues ahead of time.
Get in touch
To find out more how our multilingual voice-over services can help your business, just email us!