TARGET LANGUAGEWritten translation
(1800 char. with gaps), EUR
Translation editing by native speakers (PROOFREADING)
General subjectSpecialized texts
from/into ru ua plinto ru  ua  plfrom ru ua pl
Languages of Western Europe
English446from 6
German, Franch556from 6
Italian, Spanish667from 7
Languages of Eastern Europe:
Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian7787
Romanian, Moldovan7786
Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian8887
Czech, Croatian7787
Languages of the Scandinavian countries:
Norwegian, Swedish9910from 8
Danish, Finnish9910from 9
European languages:
Bosnian, Hungarian889from 7
Dutch9910from 8
Flemish (Belgian)9910from 8
Greek889from 7
Portuguese889from 7
Latin, Esperanto131313from 10
Languages of Russia and CIS countries:
Azerbaijani, Armenian, Georgian7785
Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Bashkir7785
Tajik, Tatar, Turkmen8886
Uzbek, Belorussian7786
Ukrainian, Russian5552
Eastern languages:
Arabic9910from 7
Chinese101011from 7
Turkish889from 7
Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese101011from 7
Hebrew889from 7
Rare Oriental languages:
Afrikaans, Dari, Mongolian, Pashto141414from 9
Tagalog, Urdu141414from 9
Thai, Indonesian151515from 9
Farsi (Persian), Hindi111111from 7

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