Solt Group Company is ready to provide services of the highest category interpreter for oral consecutive or simultaneous interpretation.


When ordering interpretation we can arrange a personal meeting or specify all nuances with interpreter by telephone.


The interpretation professionals of Solt Group meet all the requirements of this segment of services. In their possession there are experience and substantial knowledge. For them there are no difficulties in the instant selection of the right words for the correct interpretation of foreign phraseology and sayings in the native language of a listener. Interpreters are able to quickly navigate the situation, taking into account all the subtleties of business etiquette. In addition, our staff is always neat and dressed according to the level of the event.


When it comes to an interpretation where the errors or omissions are unacceptable, do not waste time looking for performers, please, contact the Solt Group Translation Agency.


For many years we specialize in the language pair “Ukrainian or Russian language + foreign language”.


Step-by-step order formation for interpretation:


  1. Customer provides information about the nature of the event so that the interpreter had the opportunity to prepare for it. The important information may include: information about the company, about its business focus and any materials that could help the interpreter to understand the specifics of the activity in advance.
  2. Formation of a glossary based on the information provided.
  3. Within the framework of the dialogue the interpreter and manager discuss some aspects of interpretation.

On-line mode will allow to place the order quickly.


The main directions of the services provided:


  • International events are held with the interpreter support.
  • Support of the international negotiations.
  • Attendance at protocol events
  • Interpretational excursion support
  • Attendance at exhibitions and presentations.
  • Working with notarial organizations

Interpretation directly for workers in the line of duty onsite.