Technical translations include work with diverse instruments. Educational and reference books, manuals, drawing applications, scientific articles and programs – thanks to over 10 years of experience Solt Group Translation Agency will take on the implementation of all the tasks that you need to decide, regardless of the complexity.


Specificity of technical translation is the strict compliance with the stylistic norms. The presentation should be accurate, clear and concise, and the terms should 100% correspond to expressions and turns of speech of this professional environment. It makes sense that it is much more difficult to manage with this task correctly for those who did not face the sphere in which the translation is ordered. In our Company we entrust the work with materials rich in terminology only to those who have specialization in this subject. Editorial corrections are made by knowledgeable professionals with many years of practice.

Services of the Solt Group Company mean, above all, confidence in the speed and quality of the translation of important documents, scientific and technical texts. In addition, the Company professionally provides any layout format on a by-order basis.

The thematic range we work with is quite wide: metallurgy, energy, medical, pharmaceutical area, automobile manufacturing, mechanical engineering and aircraft construction, transport, sphere of real estate, construction, IT-technology and TV-communication. Proportionality of professional and common lexis is usually based on the purpose of the document – either the text is designed to the narrow audience of specialists rotating in the said environment, or is intended for bringing the matter to a wide range of non-professional readers/listeners.

Guiding by own glossaries and terminology databases of different directions, Solt Group Translation Agency checks terminology of each translation so that frequently used algorithms correspond to the context and are unified in the whole document.