The availability of high-quality media is an important prerequisite for any project related to business and promotion. Thanks to the media your project automatically acquires an interactive format. To create effective solutions the content must meet the modern demands in order to be not just competitive one, but profitable one. Multilingualism is an important component of success in internet marketing.


If you need a translation of one or another video, we are always happy to support your product: our translators are ready not only to competently represent the text in any language varieties, but also to voice it professionally.


Solt Group Company, together with Solt Production, provides a fast and high-quality translation of audio and video, easily fitting in advanced technological environment. Flexibility of speech patterns, accuracy of the language, knowledge of the intricacies of intertextual references will help to keep the inherent information and to maximally cover a topic for those to whom this media is intended. Multimedia technologies are also widely used in sports facilities: media facades with information and advertising.


Service of fast media translation from the Solt Translation Agency covers a wide range of users: from student to people of big business. The price policy is flexible and loyal.