The successful international activity is directly related to the ability to build a competent communication. Attracting foreign partners is the main task on the way of international projects arrangement.

Solt Group carries out translations of any complexity, any volume, including technical papers. Efficiency and responsibility distinguish our Company first of all. Thanks to experienced professionals of various fields – from proof-readers and editors to lexicographers and desktop publisher specialists – you will get the result, which will meet your expectations.

Our translations are also indispensible for people involved in internet marketing, where the success of e-shop promotion, the geography of demand depends largely on well-formed descriptions of goods and services, on the availability of multilingual content, as well as on the availability of your representation of proposals and their literacy.

Solt Group pays individual attention to each order. When applying to our Company you will get the individual manager for your own project.

Extensive language base:

We provide translation from/into 76 languages, provide proofreading

Specialized texts translation with no extra charge for complexity.

We carry out the translation of texts of any specificity at the standard price.

Translation correcting is carried out by native speakers.

Providing stylistic and grammatical corrections of translated material.

Translation Memory Programs (CAT)

Work with large projects involves the use of CAT software (computer aided translations), which allow to speed up the translation process significantly and to observe terminological consistency. We compile terminological dictionary, if necessary. Frequent repetitions are compensated by price decreases.